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It costs money to spread the word about covid equity, share the experiences of high-risk and disabled Jews, and network people working to build the future that we envision.

Jewish Covid Resilience Network has received a modest grant from Rise Up, for which we are grateful. However, we need more financial support in order to pursue our goals for the coming year, which include:

  • Updating and expanding this website with more covid access guidance and data

  • Supporting the development of a JCRN steering committee, and especially funding the leadership of the most marginalized, including low-income people, BIPOC, and disabled folks with fatigue who have very limited capacity to work for free

  • Developing workshops for Jewish communal leaders on the pastoral and practical aspects of Covid justice

  • Funding art-based activism for covid equity


Donate here to support our work. Your support matters and will make a real difference in funding disabled labor and enabling us to continue this work.

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